About US

Wave Co. is a small town E-Scooter company that is intended to make transportation and parking around Grand Haven easier and more enjoyable. Your rental is controllable via a companion app (Wave Co.), which is a tool that can be used to unlock and gain access to a Wave scooter while providing other information relevant to an enjoyable experience.

Once rented, you will be able to ride your Wave anywhere within the designated geo-fence. With Wave Co. you will not have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot. Use Waves to get to the beach for a swim, downtown to shop, or simply hop on just for the fun of it.

How Wave Co. Started

“Hi all, my name is Collin Reenders, the founder of Wave Co. You may have met me at the Wave Co. shop downtown Grand Haven. There is something about growing up in a small beach town that simply can’t be beat. Although I may be biased, I am sure you will fall in love with Grand Haven as well, after spending time exploring the beach and downtown. Many people already understand how special Grand Haven is, which causes a bustling of activity in the summer months, resulting in limited parking, traffic, and long walks to your final destination.

I started Wave Co. because I want each and every person in town to be able to enjoy the full Grand Haven experience. Drawing inspiration from Grand Haven summers and with the support from city council members, I was fortunate to bring Wave Co. Limited to life in my hometown in an attempt to maximize the accessibility of Grand Haven’s attractions. I am happy to announce that I have new and improved E-Scooters (Waves) this year, resulting in an even more efficient way to traverse Grand Haven. Wave Co.’s goal is to make your visit the best it can be, come ride a wave with us.”

Our Partners



Lattis is a fun and convenient app to bike, park, scoot, and ride. Lattis is a mobility platform that enables operators to launch shared fleets in your community. We support operators, universities, companies, hotels, cities, rentals, and OEMs to easily locate and access shared vehicles with a simple tap on your smartphone.


Wave Co. has established a relationship with a company offering E-Docks, which are capable of providing a structure for various Micro-Mobility vehicles. This is like a bike rack, but for E-transportation. This structure includes charging functionality, E-Vehicle centralization and a location for designated placement, and the ability to lock scooters into the dock restricting times in which a vehicle may be available for use. This keeps the clutter off of sidewalks and streets, and gives them a home.

Our Community

Our community consists of riders of all ages and sizes, all are welcome to ride the wave! Join in on the fun!