Imagine your own fleet, tailored specifically to your needs: Wave Co. can make it happen! With custom branded scooters, professional fleet management, and support in your selection of premium E-Vehicles that will excel at their intended purpose. Other possibilities include E-Hub parking infrastructure and a personalized app. If you can dream it, Wave Co. can make it reality. Work with us directly to find out what is right for you.

Communities & Campuses

Allow your students, neighbors, and residents to enjoy the ease of commuting through their community or campus with our E-Vehicles. Let us customize the scooters to reflect your campus or community!

Corporate & Commercial Partnerships

Interested in partnering with us? Let’s work together to expand the personalized Wave Co. Experience. We want to revolutionize the E-Vehicle industry and pave the way towards easy commuting options!

Airbnb & Rental Properties

What better amenity to add to your property than exclusive use of an E-Vehicle to get around? So many travelers are overcharged by Ubers or taxis, or a rental car – but you can offer them a solution. We can supply your space with personalized E-Vehicles that allow your tenants to hit the town on a Wave Co. vehicle!